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    Numerical simulation of the optical characteristics of LEDs and LED modules

    In this research area, the optical characteristics of LED devices are calculated. The design of LED devices is being optimized to reduce optical power losses and improve color characteristics. Various designs of LED devices are considered: chip-on-board LED modules, packaged LEDs, RGB LEDs, LEDs with a remote phosphor. One of the modern implementations of light emitting diode technology is a so-called ‘‘chip-on-board’’ (COB) module. COB represents an array of light-emitting chips placed on a common substrate, which are electrically connected to the metal plating and covered by encapsulating material. COB demonstrates a number of advantages over an array of individual LEDs assembled into a lighting element. These advantages are the following: • reduction of manufacturing cost due to the use of shared electrical connections and optics; • bigger optical power; • more compact size. Another approach to improving LED performance is remote phosphor technology.  In this method the phosphor is separated from the LED itself and utilized in a remote substrate or plate. White light materializes when blue LED light passes through the remote phosphor, creating one visible light source, the phosphor itself, rather than several glaring diodes. This new advanced technology creates glare reduction, less color shift, increases efficiency, reduced heat, and lifecycle enhancement.  

    Substrates based on single crystals of gallium oxide

    Ga2O3 is interesting material for UV applications as it is a wide gap semiconductor (4.6-4.7 eV) with sufficient conductivity so that we can talk about the creation on its base vertical geometry devices that can provide the greatest efficiency. Besides gallium oxide as a transparent conductive material can solve in the future not only the problem of the conductive substrate but also replace other oxides in the LED chip design,  used as transparent contacts for efficient light output from the LED chips. A group of researchers led by Dr. Nikolaev V.I. is engaged in the development of technological processes in the growth of gallium oxide beta-Ga2O3 single crystals; clarifying the growth patterns and study the properties of the grown single crystals. Grown gallium oxide beta-Ga2O3 single crystal   Substrate of beta-Ga2O3     Transparence of substrates beta-Ga2O3

    Advanced materials with unique optical and thermal properties for a new generation of solid state light sources for replacement of conventional phosphors (composite materials, carbon-based nanostructures, transparent oxides)

    In this area, the technologies of new inorganic phosphors getting based on crystalline materials and glass ceramics are being developed. Images of the surface of a sample of heat resisting  phosphor: SiO2 - PbF2 - PbO(Pb3O4) - AlF3 (40:30:20:10), obtained at a temperature of 600 0С   A) The mass concentration of the phosphor in a mixture 80% B) The mass concentration of the phosphor in a mixture 9.1% The luminescence spectra of the LED modules with specimens phosphors 1.1-black curve SiO2 – PbF2 - PbO (Pb3O4) - AlF3 (40:30:20:10); 1.2 red curve SiO2 – PbF2 - PbO (Pb3O4) - AlF3 (40:25:20:15) A) The mass concentration of the phosphor in a mixture 80% B) The mass concentration of the phosphor in a mixture 9.1%

    Last publications Publications

    2024 year
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    • Snetkov P., Morozkina S., Romanov A.

      Hyaluronic Acid and Ultrafast X-ray/Laser Science: Unit of Analysis or Accessory Material?//Book of Abstract of the Final Workshop of AttoChem 2024, IET - 2024

    • Бауман Д.А.

      Технология сборки (корпусирования) в микроэлектронике - 2024

    • Колесникова А.Л., Nguyen V., Гуткин М.Ю., Романов А.Е.

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    2023 year
    • Osetrov K., Uspenskaya M., Zaripova F., Olekhnovich R.

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